Travel décor

Travelling means you set up shop (so to speak) wherever you go. You don’t have your childhood toys, photographs of friends, cards and artwork from your uni days, your nice furniture, that dyed woollen rug your mother made and all the other things (clutter) that go into making your house a home.

I miss it!

So I try to recreate any sort of homeliness I can, in every place I stay long enough to care to.

Some ideas to improve your spirit and your décor:  photos on the wall, pick flowers and leave in glasses or tin cans, chalk drawings on dark furniture (washes off so who’s to complain!), drawings and art work hung around the room. Semi precious stones take up very little room and add a lot of glimmer to the darkest rooms. I also tend to leave jewellery out too or hang it around for a nice wall accessory.


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